Habitat for Humanity, Wind River Country (HFHWRC) was established in 1997 with the goal of providing home owner opportunities for low income, high energy efficient housing.  HFHWRC was founded on the belief that every man, woman and child should have an adequate, safe place to live. 

HFHWRC serves Fremont County, Wyoming which encompasses over 9200 square miles.  Since its’ inception, HFHWRC has built 17 homes with the 18th scheduled to finish in the summer of 2016.  Homes have been built in Shoshoni, WY (2), Arapaho, WY (2), Ft. Washakie, WY (2), Riverton, WY (10), Lander, WY (1) and Pavillion, WY (1).  Build #19 is currently underway.

Typically, Habitat for Humanity Affiliates will use 25-50% of the Area Median Income as their window of service.  Fifty percent of the median income would be the upper income guideline and would reflect need.  With an excessively high poverty rate, an increasing low income population and 75+ year old homes going for premium prices, affordable housing in Fremont County is a near non-existent commodity.  Habitat for Humanity can help ease that burden with financial assistance from concerned community supporters and volunteers thereby increasing the number of low-income, affordable homes. 

Benefits of Building

There are several benefits to the Habitat program.  As a result of building the home, HFHWRC is providing a low income, high energy efficient house for a family in need thereby fulfilling a basic human necessity.  Being selected for this program means the homeowner has to go through New Home Owner training.  This training focuses on developing and improving the financial literacy of people who have lived in low-income or even poverty conditions.  These past experiences usually result in credit issues and money management challenges. 

One of the goals of the homeowner process is to facilitate the movement of someone from poverty to a more enriched and responsible role in the community.  By making our new homeowner a more responsible part of the community, we are increasing the chances their children will do likewise.  Statistics support the fact children do better in school and have better self esteem if the home they reside in is something to be proud of.

Each build brings together people from all walks of life to focus on one common goal: building a home.  The typical home build brings in over 100 volunteers and contractors who contribute to the construction of the home.  In the fall of 2013, a valuable group of individuals was added to the Habitat team.  The Riverton High School - Geometry in Construction program provides the primary construction force involved in building Habitat homes.  (read more about the RHS-GIC under their own page via the navigation bar.)  In 2017, we partnered with yet another local group.  The Wind River Job Corps joined the Habitat team to add their expertise to the construction process.

Volunteers, students and contractors work side-by-side with the recipient family.  One of the conditions of receiving a Habitat home is that the family is required to work 500 "Sweat Equity Hours" as a way of having a vested interest in their home.  Friends and family members may help the recipient family work up to half of their Sweat Equity Hours. 


It is a common misconception that local Habitat Affiliate receives tens of thousands of dollars each year from Habitat for Humanity International.  On the contrary, local Affiliates do not receive any funds from Habitat International but instead are

required to financially support Habitat International. 

Habitat homes are constructed with funds received from grants, donations, proceeds from sales at the Habitat ReStore,

existing homeowner mortgages and fundraising events.  Most grants come from larger businesses that do business in the Fremont County area.  The Habitat ReStore is a retail outlet which sells new and used household and construction items designed to generate revenue to support the Habitat mission.  Monthly mortgage payments from existing homeowners also go to support home construction.  Fundraising events generate additional funding on an infrequent basis.

If you are interested in supporting Habitat for Humanity, see our "Donate" page on the navigation bar.

Habitat for Humanity, Wind River Country