Habitat for Humanity, Wind River Country

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Does Habitat for Humanity give away new houses?

No.  Habitat builds homes for selected families who pay a monthly mortgage payment at a zero or low interest rate.  These mortgage payments go to support Habitat and the continued mission.   

2.  Does Habitat for Humanity International give money to build houses locally?

No.  Most people believe Habitat for Humanity International provides funds to local Affiliates to build homes.  Local Habitat Affiliates are responsible for raising their own funds through grants, donations, fund raising activities or retail sales through the ReStore.

3.  Does Habitat for Humanity repair local homes or give people money to repair their house?

No.  Unfortunately, funding is insufficient for Habitat to remodel homes or provide financial support to repair homes.  Though it is an option available to local Habitat Affiliates, there isn't enough money to build new homes and remodel old homes. 

4.  How do I apply for a Habitat home?

Click on the Home Ownership tab to learn more about applying for a Habitat home and when we will be accepting applications. 

5.  Does the Habitat for Humanity Affiliate in Riverton received funds from the United Way?

No.  The local Habitat Affiliate has no connection to the United Way.


6.  Can I donate to the local Habitat Affiliate through Habitat for Humanity International?

Yes.  However, Habitat International takes a percentage of each donation earmarked for a local Affiliate so that Affiliate does not receive the entire amount donated to it.