In the fall of 2013, Habitat entered into a partnership with the Riverton (WY) High School Geometry in Construction (GIC) program.  Providing both core and elective credits for students, the GIC program divides the student's time between in-class geometry instruction and hands-on practical application of the learned principles through an actual construction project.  Students in the GIC program are eligible for concurrent college credits through Central Wyoming College.

Students who continue with the program for two years learn at the hands of master craftsmen in such fields as framing, plumbing, electrical, painting, drywall and numerous other facets of construction.  These students will graduate high school with two years of hands-on, practical experience which prepares them to more readily enter the workforce.

The current project represents the second of four houses to be constructed as a result of the partnership.  The house is a stick-built house constructed in a modular fashion.  Once near completion, the two pieces are moved and seated on the foundation.  From that point, the majority of the work remaining is finish work, hook-ups and landscaping. 

As Habitat for Humanity strives to fulfill such a basic need for local citizens, our partnership with the RHF-GIC program greatly increases the value of our work in Fremont County.  We even have one student whose family was the recipient of a

Habitat home when he was a child and became one of the students in the GIC program. 

Habitat for Humanity, Wind River Country

is honored to be partnered with the

Riverton (WY) High School - Geometry in  Construction program. 

These are the folks that "git 'r done"! 

Habitat for Humanity, Wind River Country